Jul 14

Ask a Question at the JavaRanch Spring forum for a Chance to Win my Spring Security 3 Book!

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I apologize in advance for another post about the book, but for those who are interested, we’re sponsoring the JavaRanch book giveaway this week, in the JavaRanch Spring forum – simply post a new thread with a question about my book, Spring Security 3, and you will have a chance to win it! 🙂

The promotion is run by JavaRanch through the end of this week (July 16, 2010), so hurry if you’re interested! Visit the JavaRanch Spring forum to enter. It’s also a great chance to read questions others have had about the book, and ask your own questions before your purchase!

Please note that this promotion is sponsored by Packt Publishing and JavaRanch, and comments on this blog, although appreciated, will not enter you in the giveaway! Please review the JavaRanch giveaway rules for information on how to enter.

I promise that I’ll have a post which isn’t about the book next 🙂

4 Responses to “Ask a Question at the JavaRanch Spring forum for a Chance to Win my Spring Security 3 Book!”

  1. hatim says:

    Hello Peter, your book is a god send for me.

    I do have a question regarding ACLs, I was trying to tie in your ACL configuration with a PostgresSQL schema and spring ROO. I am making some progress and I can see that Voters are being called. I can also see that SecurityContextPersistence gives me correct user in log4j (I also have security context operation within the application, where each object also stores who last modified it, and stores correcty)

    But for some reason I cannot use the following code snippet (from Spring ROO, footer.jspx)

    I am getting userPrincipal always null, which is not the case in reality.

    Please let me know if there is a more appropiate forum for this sort of question.

  2. Nik says:

    Hi Peter, on Hatim’s recommendation I just bought your book. I was wondering if you’re planning any blog posts about SAML 2.0 as the book only covers 1.1 and the ID providers I’m working with are all SAML 2.0 and don’t support 1.1 anymore

  3. Allan Greenier says:

    Hello Peter,
    I am working through your Spring Security 3.0 book.
    It’s a great book, thanks for writing it!
    I am confused because I see some Spring autowiring working, yet i don’t find those beans named in any spring xml file.
    For instance chapter 6, BaseController.java says this:
    // CH 6 SessionRegistry Example
    SessionRegistry sessionRegistry;

    and the SessionRegistry is instantiated, yet nowhere do I see sessionRegistry named as a bean in your project’s spring xml files.
    I’m guessing this is some spring security magic – can you tell me where that bean is defined?



  4. Royce says:

    Are there any updates for this javaranch thing?

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